Are you Ready For
October 3, 2015?
Grant County Title is!

Integrated Mortgage Disclosure Awareness Program

Are You Ready For August 1, 2015?
CFPB Overview Part I:
Making you Aware of Who/What/When
4 Minutes
CFPB Overview Part II:
About the Loan Estimate
6 Minutes
CFPB Overview Part III:
The Closing Disclosure
16 Minutes
Understanding What the CFPB is and What They Regulate 2 Minutes
Think Your days of Prepping a HUD-1 Are Numbered? Not So Fast. 3 Minutes
The Closing Disclosure: Who Will Prepare It? 1 Minutes
The Value of an Owner's Title Policy 3 Minutes
Closing Disclosures "CD" Time Frames 4 Minutes
How Will Tolerance Violations Be Handled? 3 Minutes
Considerations for Residential Real Estate Transactions